Artist Statement 2010

Beyond the physical properties of the forms, connecting with a dialog of life and mortality brings a sense of purpose to creating artwork. Each piece is a visual expression of unspeakable points in time. Some forms use abstract symbols and text to illustrate plausably deciferable communication, while the furniture struggles to become sculpture and sculpture struggles to accept the terms of it's own existence. The adage: “form follows function” holds true to my artwork, however the functions are not entirely pragmatic, it is often the case that aesthetic functions are more important to my artwork than the traditional physical functions associated with a form. The sculpture is more important than the funiture, I have very little interest in what is marketable or fashionable, the intent is to create objects with a voice that will stand alone, and be recognizable and significant in my life.

Eric R. Donaldson 2008

Thank you, Jeff Freeman for your time and artwork, you continue as a friend and inspiration.