Brush Strokes

This is a recently commissioned, custom-designed chandelier. It is lit with 9 exterior halogen bulbs and an internal compact flourecent. The design was developed by extruding a series of brush-strokes and building them into a three-dimensional object.

dimensions: 36" x 17" x 21".


The pictures below, show some of the various stages and steps from the design through to a finished object.

Concept sketches, day 1-5.

Completing a small scale paper model, day 6-9

Full scale paper model, day 10-13


Steel parts cut, ground down, sanded and tacked together:
Day 14-17

Finalizing electrical layout, and mounting mechanics,
fabricating the mounting and wiring housings.
Day 18-21
Testing mechanics and adding details.
Day 22-23

Applying chemical patina, cleaning and
sealing the finish .
Day: 24-25

Wiring and testing electronics:
Day 26

Mounting, and finally installing the chandelier:
Day 30

All finished.