Elan Vital, impaled in a perilous lanscape.
(on display at the Fitchburg art museum)

"Art is not merely an imitation of the reality of nature, but in truth a metaphysical supplement to the reality of nature, placed alongside thereof for its conquest." -Fredrick Nietzsche

All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.
-Fredrick Nietzche

Elan Vital, roughly translated into english: "Life Force" is a philosophical term that pushes toward a metaphysical explanation for the processes of evolutionary progress. In this sculpture "Elan Vital" is represented by the impaled form, however this is not meant to be a simple representation of the metaphysical force but rather an embodiment of the impossibility of a human struggle to explain functions of reality through metaphysical processes. The form of this sculpture was conceived while taking daily walks around the Wachusett Reservoir in Massachusetts, thinking and collecting discarded trash and other objects that eventually became part of the sculpture. The underlying thought processes: Human conciousness has a concrete physical effect on the physical world, and metaphysical thoughts are simply thoughts. But metaphysical thoughts also have a direct impact on our reality, sometimes spilling over into the physical world. Churches are built wars are waged, thoughts written down and minds changed. However to dwell on the metaphysical in an attempt to explain the physical is an act of futility. So "Elan Vital impaled in a perilous landscape" is just as it is, both sides of the human conciousness struggling to coexist in a mind that cannot justify thinking of either as having an effect on one another without altering reality.

Forged Steel, Chainsawn Oak Stumps, Melted fishing line, and found objects from the banks of the Wachusett Reservoir

aproximate dimension: 6ft 3in tall x 4ft 6in wide

Please call or email for more information on custom designs and large sculptures.

Above is a detail view of one of the smaller spikes surrounded by objects retrieved from the shores of the wachusett reservior,

Below is a detail view of the smaller steel spike, showing the contents of the spike forms.